Frequently Asked Questions

QDo you work with individuals?

AWe will work with anyone who would like to do business with us.

QI have seen something I really like in a magazine picture. Would you be able to re-create this look?

AIf you have a picture, we are usually able to re-create the look you want. In some instances a customer’s specific space will not allow an exact replication. If that is the case, we can advise you on something very similar that will work for your specific area

QI want new cabinets and I want to keep my existing floor just as it is. Can you?

AYes. We can build new cabinets to match the footprint of your old cabinets. We could also reface your old cabinets. We will need to see your cabinets to give you our advice on what is best for your scenario.

QHow long does it take to make my custom cabinets?

AWe like to allow 15-20 working days for construction of your cabinets. If we will be staining or painting your job, additional time will be needed. Some smaller jobs will require less time. Please keep in mind that other variables may affect the overall completion of your project.

QHow much will my job cost?

ASince we only make custom cabinets, each job is unique. There are countless combinations and options from which to choose. That is why we send our representative to your job site to correctly measure your space and to discuss your desires. Only after the job is drawn and the options priced can we give you an accurate bid.

QWill my product be ready to use once you install it?

AIt depends on your job. If you are ordering a bookcase to add to your study, when we leave, it will be ready for use. If you are ordering a bathroom vanity, the countertop, sink and plumbing will need to be completed before use. You may decide to do the stain or paint yourself. In this case, we will either install the cabinet or just deliver the cabinet and trim work for you to install after it has been painted.

AUnless you are ordering furniture or built-ins that are all wood, you will need to order your counter tops from a different source. We have people we can recommend for counter tops.

QWhat services do you provide?

AWe can help you in all aspects of building and remodeling your home. We know many quality contractors. Each contractor we know specializes in a different field of construction. If we cannot provide the service for you, we can point you in the right direction.

QWhat about drawer pulls, lazy susans, spice drawers, pull out drawers, etc?

AWe will order any non-wood option you select and install it at the time we install your cabinets. See our “Links” page for a sampling of vendors for these options. You are not limited to using our common vendors.

QCan I pick up my order and install it myself?


QI have decent cabinets and I just had Granite countertops installed and a new backsplash. We had new floors installed a year ago. I like everything in my kitchen but I want new doors and drawers. I may want to change the color of my kitchen cabinets also. What do you offer for my situation?

AWe can help you decide what will be the most cost effective solution for you. Re-Facing may be the best option for you. But Re-Facing is not always the best option. Speak with us and we will give you professional advice and give costs for either option.